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Things you do when no one Things you do when no one

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Honestly, I wish I could give you more stars since you put effort in there.. but I have to agree, the animation is limited and awkward and it doesn't go anywhere, which is an expression used before in the comments to say that the story.. well, there isn't much of a "story" at all. It seems a bit random, I would suggest even in erotic styled art to.. push your imagination and create something a little more exciting c: I do like the character, the proportions are quite nice.

A last little bit of advice is to take constructive criticism seriously, and when people comment a little bit on the rude side, don't lower yourself to their level. Politely give them a tip on writing criticism that might help you a little bit better.

Keep working on your skills!

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flashpinup responds:

Thank you. That's all i want is to be told where and when I made a mistake, the rude comments seem to be like a stranger walking past and commenting that you missed a spot and never saying where that spot it. They only serves to frustrate then elevate. I don't need to be coddled just not put down for the sake of being put down. Hence the lowing to their level. They want to pull out fists at a gallery reopening then I will not lay down a be beat, I'll throw the more precise hits. The less frenzied, the less meant to hurt for hurt reason alone. People are mean because someone let them be mean without striking back, they will hunt for those, crush them when they are weak and starting out, why should I not send them the message that that is wrong, that they only attack when they think they can get away with it. Why should I not strike back, show them that they must be more careful, and hopefully deter them from destroying someone else who is putting their work, their creativity, out there. Those that yell the loudest that you are not creative will always have none to show, the weakness they yell out that they do not have, is a strength they are lacking as well.

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Xenia Xenia

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cute ;v; Maybe you can try to make more fluid animations? I still love your soft color use ~

taigaryo responds:

Thank you~ > < These pictures (along with a few others) were actually made a game of sorts. So that's why they're all pretty simple, but if I do make proper gifs in the future I'll try to make it flow well. And thank you again for the advises!! (from before and now) <3 //rolls down a hill. I really appreciate it since I'm never told these sorts of things by others ;;

Wave Wave

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really like this! You have a lot of basic skills down, you can still improve a lot on anatomy, faces, color theory etc, but I feel like you're going to get there soon uvu Try shading and highlighting with different colors! c:

taigaryo responds:

Thank you so much ;; I'll try my best to improve the details in my anatomy!! myuuuu~ I'll definitely try that~ <3 > <

//sorry my heart might have exploded//

Princess Princess

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cute! The only thing I could suggest would be to experiment with different hues in shading a little bit more, and maybe up the contrast a little. If you want that kind of style that is. Overviewing more of your artwork, I think overal you could add a little bit more overal shading and light sources in different colors, if that makes any sense.
Keep it up uvu!

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Pozuu responds:

Thank you so much for this feedback! It really was something I needed. I'll practice with more colors for shading and in general!

It makes a lot of sense and I really appreciate the feedback ; u ; <3