Entry #1


2014-04-22 03:44:05 by Cyarin

So posts like this are like status updates? Short blog entries?

Oh well. I'm about to doodle a bit before heading off to the animal shelter and I hope you're all doing well.

Test post end.


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2014-04-22 04:31:18

I got my german shepard/yellow lab in a animal shelter. She is fucking evil

Cyarin responds:

You brought her to one or got her from one? xD Well, some dogs are treated so wrong they show terrible behaviour, Luckily lots of them learn to change this ;v;


2014-04-22 05:29:41

I got her from one, around winter of '07
shes now developed this new habit of opening the refrigerator


2014-04-22 06:00:30

Posts are whatever. News to random.